Do you need the latest statistics on community pharmacy for a research project, presentation or forecast? Do you need to know the recent breakthrough drugs in biotech? We regularly track, compile and "connect" all the industry and practice happenings to help you in your business.
Some of the trends we track each day:

medicalclinic  Cutting-edge, patient care pharmacy services that are being implemented and reimbursed

  The drug product pipeline and its impact
on the marketplace

  Consumer views of pharmacy and healthcare and potential policy impacts





Catalyst Trends

Marsha Millonig has over 30 years of health care and pharmacy practice experience leading to diverse knowledge of industry issues from manufacturing and distribution to pharmacy. Her expertise on evolving business models and trends is highly sought after, allowing Catalyst Enterprises, LLC to customize projects for clients. Her combination of industry and pharmacy practice experience is unusual and brings a unique knowledge base to any project.

She created a successful environmental scanning and trend tracking program with HDMA and has implemented a more targeted trend tracking service at Catalyst Enterprises, LLC to meet client needs.