We have created, implemented and managed more than 75 projects and grant recipients. Additionally, we have written hundreds of newsletters, proceedings, white papers, journal articles and other special publications.

Some examples:

   A six-case studies series on the lessons learned in the development of comprehensive medication services among six integrated health systems in Minnesota.

   A monthly patient care-oriented newsletter sent to 150,000 pharmacists.

   Pharmaceutical care and cutting-edge pharmacy e-mail newsletter disseminated to chain and supermarket pharmacy corporate executives monthly.

   Continuing education articles on a variety of topics.


For examples of our writing style, see excerpts below.

Blog for Wolters Kluwers - October 16, 2018; September 4, 2018; May 21, 2018; January 8, 2018; November 6, 2017; October 2, 2017; August 8, 2017; June 5, 2017

Catalyst Corner articles featured in ComputerTalk.
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About Marsha Millonig

Ms. Millonig has given more than 200 presentations to audiences ranging from few to thousands, facilitated more than 150 meetings with health care supply system and pharmacy executives during her career across a wide range of issues, and created, implemented and managed nearly 75 research projects and grant recipients.

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