How does Catalyst Enterprises, LLC approach a project?

Working with you, we will listen to what your need is, what you hope to accomplish and create a scope of work for you to review. Only when you are satisfied that we understand your desired outcome will we move forward in creating a proposal.

How do you revise the proposal?

Our proposals are based on our best time estimates and project approaches learned through twenty years of experience. Once submitted, Catalyst Enterprises, LLC conferences with the client to discuss each proposal process and deliverable until mutual agreement is reached.

Can I afford to use Catalyst Enterprises, LLC?

Catalyst Enterprises, LLC is a cost-effective consulting firm. Because we work closely with clients throughout the proposal development process, each project undertaken is clear. Our experience allows us to focus on client objectives and carry out projects on time, target and budget. Unlike large firms, we do not have the same overhead to cover and are willing to work with clients to define projects that meet their budgets.

What are your fees?

Projects are quoted on an individual basis or you may elect the retainer option offering a discount for an annual agreement outlining multiple projects.

Could I talk to someone about your work?

An appropriate contact person from the client list will be provided matching your project interest to one that has been done – upon request.

How long will projects take?

For a writing project, plan on 2-3 weeks lead time for a one page article and 4-6 weeks for an in-depth article requiring extensive research.

What if my project has areas outside the principal’s expertise?

Catalyst Enterprises, LLC’s principal has a wide network of industry experts developed over a 30-year health care career encompassing every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. Our goal is to get clients what they need on a cost-effective basis with the belief they will use Catalyst Enterprises, LLC in the future when other needs arise. Catalyst Enterprises, LLC subcontracts where needed with a wide array of industry experts to meet your needs, saving you the time and effort of identifying people in specific areas and contracting separately.